Storm through window

Rainy Day Guarantee

Picture this: You just had your windows professionally cleaned. They’re beautiful and sparkling, as well as the envy of your neighborhood. Then, heavy storms come through blowing dirt and debris all over your clean windows. It’s a nightmare. Your hard-earned money just went down the drain.

Sound familiar?

You shouldn’t have to worry about storms dirtying up your newly cleaned windows. That’s why we’re offering our “Rainy Day Guarantee.”

If inclement weather dirties or spots your windows within 3 days of your initial cleaning, call us immediately. We’ll come out and spot clean the exterior windows free of charge. It’ll be like it never happened.

If it’s been more than 3 days, there’s no need to panic… we have you covered for up to 2 weeks! If your windows get dirty up to 14 days after your initial cleaning, we’ll clean the exterior for half price.

Now, with our “Rainy Day Guarantee,” there’s no need to wait for a dry spell to get your windows cleaned!


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photo: widmatt via photopin cc